Did You Know The Indy 500 Is Blacked-Out In Indy?

The Indy 500 is set to take place this Sunday, and millions will be tuning their TV’s into the race to watch one of the greatest races, except those who live in Indianapolis. 

So apparently since before 1950 the Indy 500 has been blacked out in the city on Indianapolis, with the exception of the 100th running in 2016. This is because the Indianapolis Motor Speedway wants everyone in the area to come watch the race in person instead of watching at home.

I won’t lie, when I first read about this I was pretty fired up and pissed off for those folks, but then I got to thinking about it, have you ever been to a major race before? I went to Bristol like 9 years ago, before I could even drink, and remember it being one of the biggest party fests I’d ever seen, and they say the Indy 500 is just an even bigger party.

I looked into tickets, and you can get in the infield for $35. That’s honestly not to hurtful. You can also take your own beer in there, and according to one article, you can take a keg if you park in the infield! I mean you already don’t work on the following Monday, why not just go get fucked up at the track? You would spend more at the bar anyway.

So after further review I am all on-board for the IMS making it so fans can’t watch on tv, I mean seriously guys, get a damn keg or mini-keg, grab a couple buddies, and get fucking lit. Wiley and I were already thinking about going next year and I think this might just solidify us making the trip.


PS-Danica won’t make it 30 laps before crashing.

PSS-What a great return to blogging for me, amirite??


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