Joey Votto Says He Wants More Baseball And More Money In Hilarious Video

Joey Votto said in an interview that he wants “60 more games.” Here is the clip of the interview

Joey Votto is easily one of the most underrated players in Major League Baseball. He is an on base machine and a member of the Make Baseball Fun Again movement. He was also just named NL Player of the week for hitting 4 homers, and we all know chicks dig the long ball.

People may not know, but Votto isn’t a one trick pony. If you think this video is the only thing that makes him great here are some of my favorites.

I’m completely on board with baseball starting in March and going 60 more games a season. Sure I probably won’t, no I definitely won’t watch all the games, but when your phone is as dry as mine getting score updates sent to me gets me excited. I may think for a second it’s a girl texting just to find out the Reds are getting beat again, but hey it’s still nice.

Thank you Joey Votto for being yourself and continuing to be a perennial bright spot for the Reds. Never change.


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