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Kanye West May Have Saved The World

The internet is losing it’s mind after Kanye West and Donald Trump’s meeting. Kanye has announced he supports Donald Trump, and well, that he loves him too.

Then Kanye got his Make America Great Again Hat signed.

Next Kim Kardashian, Kanye’s wife tells him he has to tell people he doesn’t agree with everything Donald Trump says, most likely orders from the puppet master, Kris Jenner.

So, basically all of this means Kanye is going to save the world. He is basically showing the broken brained (people who still can’t figure out why Trump won the election) that you can in fact be supportive of someone and not have to agree with everything they do. This is ground breaking stuff.

Who would’ve ever guessed Kanye West would be the one to set the model of how to act? This is probably one of my favorite interactions by two people ever.

Trump also took the time to thank Kanye. Now everyone sing the National Anthem a few times and carry on with your day.


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