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If You’re Triggered By Jay Feely’s Tweet, Go Fall In A Well.

Over the weekend Jay Feely sent out a tweet that was very corny, but in no way something to get incredibly butt-hurt over.

Did you miss Jay Feely’s typical dad tweet over the weekend? Well here it is.

The fact that Jay Feely had to issue an apology tweet in regards to this is absurd. If you can’t pickup the fact this is a joke then you are the problem. The only thing he should be guilty of here is using an outdated joke. In fact, he is actually showing proper gun safety. The trigger finger is off the trigger, he is pointing at the ground and not at the boy, and if I had to guess, it’s not even loaded.

The fact that people are comparing this to gun safety arguments relating to school shootings is possibly the dumbest thing I’ve seen on the internet in a long time. What’s even better is people are ignoring the hashtag used, hes referencing one of the funniest movies ever, Bad Boys 2. In respect to that movie I’m ending this blog with that scene.


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