There’s No, ONE SIZE FIT ALL 🚫

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

So many people are out there searching for the perfect diet, the perfect workout plan, the perfect trainer to help them reach their goals?

However, perfect doesn’t EXIST! Sorry to be the one to tell you. You just have to find out WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

Find out what kind of workout plans or nutrition plans, WORK FOR YOU‼️

That is the problem so many individuals face! They think because it worked for someone else than it should work for them.

That’s not how it works! You must go through trial and error to discover what works for you!
It won’t be too exciting but at the end you will gain so much knowledge about yourself.

You have to discover how your body operates and what to feed it and what not to feed it.
It’s like a guessing game, but instead you will be given the answers at the end of the game.

Find out what works for you, fitness plan or nutrition plans isn’t a one size fits all.


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