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Chris Evans Retiring As Captain America

The Hollywood Reporter published an article yesterday about how Chris Evans had stated his time was probably up as Captain America. 

You want to get off the train before they push you off 

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I’m honestly heartbroken at this news. I am such a huge Marvel fan and can be quoted on many occasions as to saying that Captain America is by far my favorite Avenger.

Yeah I know Iron Man/Tony Stark is the big draw for people, and who doesn’t love Thor. But when I think of the ideal Super Hero, it’s the guy who wasn’t even supposed to be there. The underdog, the guy who went and fought for our country and then was frozen and un-thawed in a completely different time period and had to adapt.

I mean the man has the word AMERICA in it! How can he not be the favorite?? I remember when I thought they were killing him in the second stand alone Cap movie, I almost got out of my seat and was going to vow to never watch another Marvel movie, but then I realized he was not going to drown and I was happy.

Now it has since been 4 years since that movie came out (Winter Soldier) and the plan is for Chris to be done after next years Avengers movie which will make it an amazing 8 year run as the absolute best Avenger. I truly feel bad for when it is 15 years from now and Marvel is doing a complete reboot with brand new young actors doing new adaptations of the Avengers, because it will be impossible to not only follow Chris as Cap, but to replicate this entire crew honestly. I mean imagine the guy that will have to follow RDJ as Tony Stark, that will be the toughest task.

So if the news is true then here’s to you Chris, thank you for bringing me into the Marvel world and making me such a fan!

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P.S.- I’m also happy Chris can also say that he was the best of another Marvel character, people forget!

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