Don’t Look Now, But Here Come The Jackets!

While the rest of the sports world is too busy trying to figure where LeBron is going (spoiler he’s staying with the Cavs) there is another sports story in Ohio that people are ignoring (actually there are two but this blog isn’t about the #SaveTheCrew movement).

It’s that the Columbus Blue Jackets are on a 9 game heater and have gotten themselves back into the Top 3 in the Metro. They picked up 2 more points last night to take a 1 point lead ahead of the Flyers, putting them third in the Metro. They now sit tied in points with the Pens and 4 points back from the Caps at the top of the Metro.

Ever since the trade deadline this team has been clicking on all cylinders. They have played 12 games since then and have only dropped 2 of them. This team is getting hot at just right time. They have 8 games left on the schedule, and aside from the Pens and the Preds, the upcoming games are against some fairly easy competition.

This team is putting it together at just the right time. The downside is that if the playoffs started right now they would be paired with the the Pens, who they have yet to be able to beat this year after having commanding leads in almost all of the meetings. But that does’t matter, what does matter is this new squad beating them in the playoffs, which I think they can.

So get ready 5th line! This is it, this is the year the Jackets win the whole damn thing!


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