Is Greg Popovich Overrated?

I know what you’re thinking, ‘dammit Benji enough with the click-bait’. Well this isn’t click-bait. I am truly starting to believe that Pop is overrated. Don’t worry I have my reasoning behind this too. 

Let’s look at this year, I know that Leonard isn’t playing but does he make THAT much of difference that the Spurs are a 9 seed as this is written? Not at all. I know everyone brags about how great the West is, and how more superior they are to the East, but news flash, that’s no longer the case!

The West is really just top heavy, Rockets, Warriors, Blazers, Thunder, Pelicans. On down that list are teams that are just OK. On paper the Spurs should be better than the T Wolves, Clippers and Jazz. Merely off that fact that they have a supposed top 5 coach of all time.

Or is it that Pop has just had absolute beast of players? Leonard (currently out), The Admiral, oh and only the best PF to ever play the game in Timmy Duncan. These players have been able to carry Pop into the greatness he sits at. People seem to forget just how bad he sucked early in his career, he basically made himself the head coach of this team too.

Listen I know some will say I am blowing smoke here, but I truly believe my statement. If Pop was this mastermind he would’ve figured out how to make Lamarcus work already, and he would be able to attract other free agents who actually have some youth to them as well. I think it’s time for Pop to ride into the sunset.


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