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It Took a Panic Attack and Reading The Godfather for LeBron to Accept Kevin Love

While mental health is no joke, having to read Lebron’s proclaimed “favorite book” and having a mental breakdown to get accepted by the LeBron is.

KLove opened up about his panic attack he had in a game against the OKC Thunder that lead to him leaving the bench without warning. Many people on the team and in the news called him out on it including former Cav, Isaiah Thomas.

LeBron claims to have read The Godfather and tells everyone they should read it too. Like Benji and myself we think he read the first chapter and decided he had read enough to tell people he read it. However, now, Love has read it and LeBron can use him to give the younger guys on the team a synopsis of the book.

It’s no secret that the two may not be the best of friends. Between the on court thrashings LeBron gives Kevin to not inviting him to his daughter’s birthday party it’s easy to see they didn’t always get along. Now all that has changed.

Kevin Love is now LeBron’s friend. Congrats to Kevin and thanks for sharing your story.

Maybe even when you turn 30 next year LeBron will start inviting you to wine parties since you will then be old enough to drink wine.



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