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Roger Goodell Is Fining Jerry Jones ‘Millions of Dollars’ for Hurting His Feelings

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to fine Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones millions of dollars for his efforts to derail Goodell’s contract extension and for his public defense of suspended running back Ezekiel Elliott, multiple league officials told Ken Belson of The New York Times.

Goodell, the commissioner of the NFL is fining Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, for “actions that are detrimental to the league.” So, evidently standing up for your star running back is bad for the league. I want to say this surprises me out of Goodell, but it doesn’t. He tends to do things like this when he doesn’t get his way. He almost seems like he does it to flex his power. I would have to imagine the NFL would want owners sticking up for their players. After all they are paying them millions of dollars to make the NFL billions of dollars, a nonprofit organization, by the way.

Jerry Jones will certainly appeal this fine. What’s an NFL season without a court case happening simultaneously? It’s the been the norm for the past two seasons. Let’s make it a third!


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