Should We Even Be Surprised NCAA Athletes Are Taking Money?

Documents and bank records obtained in discovery during the federal investigation into the underbelly of college basketball detail in meticulous fashion the expenditures of prominent former NBA agent Andy Miller, his former associate Christian Dawkins and his agency, ASM Sports. They include expense reports and balance sheets that list cash advances, as well as entertainment and travel expenses for high school and college prospects and their families.

The simple answer is no. If you are surprised by this you are either A.) very naive or B.) lying. It’s no surprise. How do you explain players like Dennis Smith Jr ending up at the NC State’s of the world? $40,000, that’s precisely why.

I would even go as far as saying that when top prospects are meeting with schools they’re being asked how much money they will get if they go to other schools. There is a real easy fix to all of this, as well. Get rid one the rule that forces a kid who has no desire to go to college, to go to college. Each time a scandal like this comes out it makes Lavar Ball’s Big Baller League look better and better.

It will be interesting to see what punishments/reforms come out of this scandal. In the meantime, lets all enjoy watching the NCAA squirm.

Reactions from the basketball world:


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