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People Are Saying Fergie’s Horrendous National Anthem Is What We Deserve

Hold the phone! These people can’t be serious! The issue is, they are.

Wait a minute, we deserve this? Why on earth would we deserve this? Fergie claims that her interpretation is an example of the state of America. Also the shock felt by outside countries. I may be stupid, but I am not this stupid. Her “interpretation” was nothing but garbage. At this point Fergie probably doesn’t take advice from anyone. I’m sure when she was practicing and asking people what their response was and they couldn’t say it was complete crap, so they had to pull the “oh. Yeah. That’s…. nice…”

Then you have people praising her for this “courageous” act? Yeah, it’s so courageous to completely butcher our nations anthem. Thank you for your service Fergie. @RealDonaldTrump, I think it’s time we consider giving Fergie the Medal Of Honor.

It’s pretty bad when the NBA players are so embarrassed for you that they’re literally laughing during your mocking of the National Anthem. Here’s the full video:

Overall, this was nothing but a fail. Fergie failed at doing what she thought would revolutionize the National Anthem and has to spin zone to cover her ass.

Also who knew Arnold Schwarzenegger was short?


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