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“Consent? What’s that?” – A Utah School

As I’m sitting here eating a sausage, egg and jelly sandwich on toast, I am casually scrolling through twitter ,as I do the majority of the time I’m awake, and I come across this gem.

Nearly spit said sandwich out as soon as I saw it. It’s one of those “this cannot be real” things right?

It was definitely real. This is a bloggers dream. The blog literally writes itself. How on earth do you think this could be a good idea? We are always saying how consent isn’t even really consent. Yes, I’ve heard a feminist say that “Even though someone says “yes” it doesn’t always mean yes.” Still currently wrapping my brain around that one. But, instead of giving someone the choice to say they don’t want to dance they just automatically have to.

Have you ever been to a middle school dance? I’m trying to think of things more awkward than that and it’s only rivaled by seeing your parents in the act. It’s make or break. You don’t have a good experience or do something wrong and your reputation may never recover. No better way of making you feel better by asking the hottest girl in the class to dance knowing she doesn’t want to dance with you. Not only do YOU know she doesn’t want to dance with you, so does everyone else. Yeah, that definitely won’t lead to embarrassment.

My favorite part of this is that before the dance each student gets a notecard and writes 5 names of who they want to dance with. You don’t think that every single one of these prepubescent boys is gonna pick the 5 most attractive girls? If you think they will pick other girls than that you clearly never were a prepubescent boy.

My PR advice for this school: just play The Cha Cha Slide, Crank Dat, and The Cupid Shuffle on repeat. No slow dances and you don’t have to take away the option of consent.


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