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The Cavs Won The Trade Deadline

The Cleveland Cavaliers sent the NBA world into a frenzy Thursday before the trade deadline.

Cleveland gained a lot of youth to finish out the season with. These players also are all under contracts for at least next year, so for once we might not have a completely new team to start the season.

A few statistics that stood out to me were that the average age of the six players traded away is 30.7 years old, whereas the average age of the players obtained is 27 years old. This youth is what the team has needed. For too long we have relied on the washed up veterans, whose best years are behind them. With the additions of Clarkson and Hood we get some players who have their best years in front of them and are maybe not even as good as they possibly could be. So, for me the age of these guys is a huge win.

Another statistic that stood out to me is that the six players traded away had a 3 point shooting percentage of 30.9. The 3 point percentage of the 4 players added is 37.9. This means the floor will be even more spread out now and will give LeBron and Kevin Love more space to operate in the paint. They will also now have a better options to kick it out and get a three. We can expect to see more offensive efficiency with the addition of these players.

One last stat that I liked was that the 6 players traded away had only dunked the ball a combined 16 times this season. The new 4 players have a combined 81 dunks this year. With that being said, we have gotten so much more athletic and it will be fun to watch players who punish the rim, like Larry Nance Jr and Rodney Hood.

George Hill is a great defender and plays very well against Steph Curry. Adding him to the roster gives the Cavs the defensive depth that they so much needed. Getting rid of Isaiah Thomas and adding Hill will be immediately seen as a win when you look at the defensive end of the court.

We did not obtain a big man in any of the trades however. Some say that was what we needed most and I agree. Looks like we’re going to have to wait until buyouts start happening and try to find a quality big for cheap. Some speculate that Kendrick Perkins could end up with the team.

Overall, the trade deadline panned out to be a win for Cleveland with reducing the average age, adding athleticism, and improving the three point game you can expect to see the Cavs back in the finals for the 4th straight year!


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