Pop Culture

Snapchat Can Go Straight To Hell

So, Snapchat thinks they can infiltrate my phone and automatically update my app to their new horrible version?

Yesterday I was scrolling through twitter, as I do 75% of my time, and I kept seeing all these tweets about people hating the new Snapchat update. I immediately made my mind up that I would never update my Snapchat, ever, not even if there’s a fire. Nope, still wouldn’t do it.

I went to sleep last night and had beautiful dreams of my un-updated Snapchat. Dreams of running through a wheat field in late summer during the most beautiful sunset. When I woke up this morning I went to say good morning to my un-updated Snapchat only to find out my actual real life is now a nightmare, my phone updated Snapchat on it’s own.

I immediately had absolutely no clue what I was looking at. “Am I on Black Mirror?” “Am I having the worst nightmare ever?” Were just a few thoughts I had. Then as I went through trying to look at stories of all the Instagram models I follow I can’t even figure out how to.

Snapchat is now useless. Everyone just delete it. It’s in all of our best interest. It would also be a real shame if everyone tweeted @evanspiegel and told him how much Snapchat sucks. Real shame.


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