Pop Culture

Elon Musk Shoots Penis Shaped Rocket In Space With A Tesla Strapped To It, To Show His Home Planet His Accomplishments

In case you missed it yesterday, Earths favorite alien Elon Musk is playing with his rockets again.I know I’m late to the game on this one but I haven’t seen anyone else describe the rocket as a penis, so I at least have that going for me right?

So if I’m understanding correctly, Elon Musk (actual alien), claims it was just a joke really to strap his car to the rocket before sending it off. But I’m not buying it one bit. I have my own reasoning.

Elon wants to show his creators that he is succeeding with his mission of bringing those of earth back to his home planet. There they will make us all their slaves where I assume the planet is like Tesla and SpaceX type shit but on some super steroids.

You ain’t fooling me alien boy, I’m onto you. I know what you’re all about. With that being said though I’m probably going to come up “missing” soon now. But it is worth to worn my fellow Americans about this fraud of a being.



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