““Not so fast, my friend!” -Lee Corso” – Josh McDaniels

Josh McDaniels has signed on as head coach with the Indianapolis Colts.And now he has unsigned, and will remain with the Patriots. I actually said to myself today that it wouldn’t surprise me if he stayed with the Patriots. Then, about two hours later he was announced as the new head Coach of the Colts. Now there’s this:

Looks like I was right… again. I’m humble enough to admit that I wrote this blog to mainly brag about being right. Even though I said it to myself, it still counts. I also wrote this to further the conspiracy theory that Bill Belichick will be retiring very soon. My guess is after next season. I’ll even further this theory by saying that when Belichick retires his number one compadre, Tom Brady, will as well. Seems like something a couple football gods would do to further their legacy, right?

There is also this tweet. This sweetening of the contract probably reads something like this “More money and will become Head Coach when Bill Belichick retires.”


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