Pop Culture

Idiot Logan Paul Went Sky Diving And His Parachute Failed

Logan Paul, known idiot had a close call when he went sky diving. Many of you know Logan Paul as the idiot on YouTube, or more than likely know him as the idiot on YouTube who posted a video of a person who hanged them self in the Suicide Forest. Either way you know he’s an idiot. I can’t reiterate enough that he’s a huge idiot.

I mean he still had a backup parachute, because apparently these people who jump out of planes are intelligent enough to have more than one parachute. This is exactly why you’ll never see me jumping out of a plane. I’ll be real honest with you right now, I don’t even really like to fly. It’s scary and planes are not very roomy at all.

What a more suiting thing to happen to someone. I have to assume this is karma for the idiotic Suicide Forest video, so it’s definitely deserved. I’m sure he will parlay this experience into sympathy since he’s been hosting a pity party crying about getting removed from YouTube. Okay. I’m done roasting this idiot. No, wait. One more thing. Get rid of that stupid ass haircut. Alright, now I’m done.


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