After yesterdays reports I have heard from good sources that the LeBron James news may not be so far fetched!!

Are you honestly that stupid? Do you really think LeBron is going to Golden State?

Before I get started, yes I click baited you guys again. But this has become the most annoying thing every NBA season. You are buying into ESPN’s click bait. They are using you for page views! Has no one learned the past 3 years that after the media jumps on the LeBron is leaving train he doesn’t leave?

‘But Benji, why doesn’t Bron ever come out and shoot down the rumors?’

That’s an easy fix too.

He enjoys when the media comes up being completely incorrect. It is also free publicity. He has these outlets just putting his name out there for him, and it cost him no money!

The biggest thing people don’t realize, is that LeBron is all about his brand and his legacy. He knows that now he can’t leave Cleveland unless they try and trade him or if they absolutely drop the ball on trying to build a competitive team at all.

Here is what is the worst part of all of this. The media is too busy trying to figure out something that won’t happen till July that they are ignoring the fact that Golden State isn’t really that great this year, or that Houston will probably beat them in the playoffs if Harden gets hot enough.

The reason ESPN is wanting to talk about this right now? There has been pretty much no MLB news to cover, the Super Bowl coverage is boring because nobody likes the Patriots, and they for some reason hate covering the NHL even though Vegas is doing something crazy this year.

So quit falling for their click bait, quit making them feel like they have control. There is a reason ESPN is failing, and this is that reason, real fans see right past their bullshit.



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