If You Were A Fish You Would Be Dinner

LeBron is not going to the Warriors, nor is he even considering it!

This is classic click bait. That’s it. Remember the Rapala’s Fishing game for PS2? That feeling you got when you saw the fish pursuing your bait? Your heart rate would increase, you’d get a little smirk on your face. You’d think “That stupid little fish! He actually thinks this plastic fish with two trouble hooks is a real fish! HAHAHA!” They call it bait for a reason my friends!

You are all fish and ESPN is the fishermen. Plain and simple. LeBron would never join the Warriors! It’s blasphemy! What’s even more blasphemy is that you people believe it.

IF, and I mean IF LeBron even leaves Cleveland, one place you can guarantee he will not end up is San Francisco, California!

ESPN just sharpened their filet knife and are getting ready to cut you up!


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