Thursday Night Football Just Got Worse

After nothing but mostly poor quality games on Thursday nights, the NFL just took a step backwards. 

How did the NFL make Thursday Night Football worse? By signing a deal with Fox to broadcast the games for the next 4 seasons.

The one thing every sports fan wants less of is Joe Buck. What does the NFL do? Give us more of Joe Buck!

Image result for joe buck

If you like Joe Buck, I’m sorry for you. It almost makes me not want the Indians in the World Series because I have to listen to him.

I mean who can forget the 2016 World Series where Joe Buck basically was putting it all out there that he is in love with Kyle Schwarber and that he wanted to be his beta.

I would rather listen to Tony Romo make high pitch sex noises on CBS. Just another reason I’m so happy my team plays in the AFC so I get to watch on CBS.


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