Ronda Rousey To The WWE…. Great

The WWE strikes again.

At this point this should be no surprise. Rousey a washed up UFC fighter who got obliterated in her last two fights, both were main events, is the newest WWE diva.

This move by the WWE is weak. People who pay any attention to the UFC and WWE can’t like this move. Why do we want to see a washed up UFC fighter, who we know is not any good anymore, go talk on Monday Night Raw once a month? Oh wait, we don’t.

This is a joke and it will attract the 12 year olds who think Rousey is some tough, cool person to watch. When in reality she is a braggy loser (after predicting destroying her last two competitors she was dismantled by both). The deal is reportedly, and unfortunately, a multiple year deal, too.

Bad move, WWE. We don’t need another washed up head case in the WWE. There’s already enough of them.


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