Rob Manfred & The Rest Of The MLB Are A Bunch Of Snowflake Pieces Of S**t

The Cleveland Indians have finally done it. They finally have given in to the folks who think Chief Wahoo is a racist fixture. 

I am so pissed writing this that I can’t see straight. You know who buys merch for your team? The fans. You know who didn’t want to see the Chief gone? THE FANS!

Seriously though, there is absolutely nothing fucking racist about the logo.

If you think it is racists then I’m sorry that you think that’s what Native Americans actually look like, because I don’t. I know the logo is a caricature.

And are we supposed to believe that this a coincidence? Just so happens to also be announced the All-Star game is in Cleveland in 2019? I guarantee you the league held that over the head of the Dolans so they would quit the use.

The biggest thing is that the only people complaining are liberals. The Native Americans that complain take a settlement and go away for a few years. The constant complaint come from butt hurt liberals who probably don’t even watch baseball.

When I started this I was gonna say I may just be done for the MLB, but now I think I’m gonna buy All-Star weekend tickets and I am going to possible go decked out in Chief gear.

I hope everyone else decides to no longer buy Tribe gear after 2019 from the MLB. I am going to stock up on Wahoo gear now till then. After that my Tribe apparel will be purchased from companies like GV Art & Design.

Congratulations, with the taking away of Chief Wahoo, we have finally defeated racism!




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