All-Star Game: Team LeBron


Last night LeBron and Steph selected their All-Star teams. I’m gonna take a few minutes here and break down Team LeBron, and why he might have picked some of the players he did.

In case you missed it, here is Team LeBron…

Should go without saying, but the gold start players are starters, the black stars are the reserves.

So there was already a bunch of speculation around the All-Star draft, who would pick who. Why isn’t it televised. Would players really pick from the different conferences.

Well he are the answers.

Lets start with DeMarcus Cousins and Anthony Davis.

LeBron has said he was picking a team to win, not to be political. I think he did both. There have been a lot of rumors around who the Cavs should trade for and these two have been the names at the top of that list. I think this was The King’s way of saying ‘Get one of these guys’. I’d personally be okay with either on the Cavs, but I think Davis is the only one worth that Nets pick.

Kevin Durant

I have a feeling this was LeBron’s #1 pick in the draft. He knew saw the opportunity to play with KD for the first time, aside from Team USA, and knew that Steph was going to do it if he didn’t, like I said, LeBron wants to win.

Kyrie Irving

I am going to say this was LeBrons 2nd pick, after Steph more than likely took James Harden. Contrary to popular belief, LeBron isn’t as selfish as you think. At the same time, he is. He wants to win, so he picked Kyrie. He also wanted to show Kyrie that he could still make it to where they played together so he picked Kyrie. But mainly it had to do with the fact that he wanted to win.

Russel Westbrook

I mean he is Mr. Triple-Double. The dude has rocked the All-Star game the last two years. He was also snubbed as a starter and LeBron knows that he is gonna just explode on the court again because of that. Also who doesn’t love seeing the story line of KD-Russ on the same team again? You kidding me?!?

Kevin Love

I mean come on. He had to do this one. With all the conflict in the NBA right now surrounding the Cavs he had to show some unity with Kevin. Also all the hate in my opinion is blown out of proportion. Would I hate to see Kevin Love leave? Not if it was the right deal, but also feel like LeBron has zero issue with K-Love. I think he likes the guy a lot actually.

The Rest

I’m not gonna take the time to break down the rest. I think it was just the normal fill in the gaps to make a roster. I will say the LaMarcus Aldridge one is a little interesting. But I think it was just that he was available and LeBron wanted to increase the big man presence.

I will say, team LeBron is gonna be the biggest story line team. Especially after the trade deadline. You have Lebron-Kyrie together after the public breakup. KD-Russ after their split together again. LeBron taking K-Love. K-Love and Russ together and were once college teammates. The biggest one though? One of the starters could also be a brand new Cleveland Cavalier!

I personally can’t wait, I love watching all All-Star games. NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA. It’s just fun getting to see all the things that happens throughout the weekends!



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