Dan Gilbert Selling The Cavs?

So as you may or may not have heard, ESPN is reporting that Dan Gilbert is supposedly wanting to sell the Cleveland Cavaliers. A lot of people have put in their thoughts on the reasoning behind this, and here’s mine. 

So some are saying this is a sure sign that LeBron is leaving the Cavs this off-season. This is it, he is heading to the Lakers. For sure. Gotta be it! Dan Gilbert knows that when LeBron leaves the team will lose significant value. So why take that on when you can just sell the team?


So let me set this up with LeBron isn’t leaving. I firmly believe that. He is more than likely going to finish his career in Cleveland. Why? He’s all about the LeBron brand and the LeBron image. He benefits to make the most money by staying in Cleveland. But I will still give a hypothetical to Dan Gilbert selling the team.

Dan Gilbert is selling the Cavs because he won’t call LeBron James out on a bluff. LeBron has no intention of leaving Cleveland, but he does hate Dan Gilbert, like a lot. So my theory is that LeBron told Gilbert that he either sells the team, or he is going to leave the Cavs.

With that Dan knows he has a lose-lose situation. If LeBron leaves his team loses value, if he sells it, he loses the team he owns. Noting like being caught between a rock and hard place, right? Not all bad for Dan. He can go to Detroit, where he is from, and try to buy the Lions, Red Wings, Tigers, or Pistons. So not all bad.

That’s my hypothetical. But I don’t think he sells the team. I think this is just smoke being blown by Stephen A. Smith. Who is a hack nowadays who doesn’t know shit and just likes to yell. I do however have a thought of when Dan Gilbert will sell the team.

I think that when LeBron retires Gilbert will sell the team to him. I think this is part of a backdoor deal they made when LeBron came back to the Cavs. LeBron has already said he wants to own a team so it makes sense. Then he can get his own kids on the team when they are old enough and really cuck Lavar Ball.


Featured Image via Deadspin




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