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Have you seen what NFL has done NOW to offend veterans?? We should ALL be irate!

The NFL recently rejected an ad for the Super Bowl from the group American Veterans (AMVETS). The message was “Please Stand”. But this isn’t a blog to bash the NFL, it’s actually to bash the media, for blowing it out of proportion.

That’s right, I just click baited you, I tricked you into thinking this was an anti NFL post in order to hopefully educate you a little.

So here is what happened. This group wanted the ad in the Super Bowl. The NFL asked if they could maybe change it to “Please Honor our Veterans” or “Please Stand for our Veterans”, instead of just “Please Stand”. It took too long for NFL and AMVETS to agree before the deadline for production. So the ad won’t make it.

Here’s where it gets better.

All news outlets took the story and ran with it, except they didn’t include anything else, just that the NFL denied an anti kneeling ad for the Super Bowl. But guess what, there is an anti kneeling ad heading to the Super Bowl commercial lineup.

Enter the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).

They have an ad that will read “We Stand for Veterans”.  How about that? An ad with a pretty clear message of what it means. It is clearly a shot at the NFL kneeling controversy. AND the NFL is letting it air.

AMVETS tried to pull the whoa is me card and point out that NHL and NBA are allowing the ad to air during the All-Star games. Bro, no one said it couldn’t be in the Super Bowl, you just had to switch the wording up a little bit, and personally, I think it would make more sense if they would’ve changed the wording up.

Let me end on this, quit letting the media get you all worked up over shit without actually looking into it and doing some research of your own.



Featured Image via The Sleuth Journal


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