Driver Was Pulled Over For Texting And Couldn’t Believe It

I’m sure everyone of you has at some point texted while driving.

We all know it’s wrong and we shouldn’t do it. We also know that it’s against the law and carries a pretty stiff fine.

A guy in the U.K. however can’t quite figure out why he got a ticket for it. When asked why he had his phone out his reply was “I was just sending a laughing emoji to my girlfriend.” SHEESH! What sticklers these cops are! His girlfriend probably just sent a hilarious text, maybe even sent him a meme about Tide Pods or something! Don’t forget, girls are smart, girls are funny, get over it!

People are hilarious, especially when it comes to stuff like this. His thought process was “well I just was sending a single emoji, how is that illegal?” Which is what makes me truly believe we live in the greatest time period in history.


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