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There are numbers of ways that you can increase strength and build muscle.

I will go over a few ways that you can build muscle.


The key thing to do is destroy your muscles, that will be the only way to build them up. If you are looking to increase size/strength you must TEAR YOUR MUSCLES DOWN.

If you continue to do the same exercises, you won’t really notice a difference because your body will adapt. Your body is an amazing tool, and it learns to adapt to changes.

For example, if you just started exercising, you will notice all the pains/aches and etc. However, after sometime you won’t notice them as much. WHY IS THAT?

They didn’t disappear! Your body just adapted, so now it takes more EFFORT in order for you to bring that similar pain back again.

3 Keys

  1. You must switch up the workouts ( trick your muscles) instead of squats do lunges.
  2. You must consume more protein as well. In order to build the muscle up, you need to feed your muscles good nutrition. ( you just need to increase your calories, consume more than you burn off)
  3. INVOLVE MORE MUSCLES – Smart phones produce dumb workouts. Don’t be the person in the gym playing with the phone for two minutes between sets. You’ll lose the focus and intensity required to build muscle. Better yet, don’t rest between sets. Super-set with a pushing exercise, like a set of push ups followed immediately with a pulling exercise like a dumbbell row. You’ll produce better performance since the non-working muscles recover faster while their opposing muscles work.
  4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, YOU NEED SLEEP ( so your body can recover)
  • The body recovers and muscles grow on off days. Rest is a good strategy but active rest promotes recovery. Rolling on a foam roller provides deep compression to roll out muscle spasms that develop over time. This allows the muscles to relax and loosen, gets the blood flowing and helps the body recover more quickly.

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