For The Sake Of The Browns, The Pro Bowl Needs To Be Mid-season

So while laying in a bed a couple weeks ago, chugging Pedialyte to erase the hangover from the many vodka-Redbulls I drank the night before, I had an amazing thought. Move the Pro Bowl and The Browns win the Super Bowl. 

By now you think I’m a crazy person, and I mean, you’re not wrong. But I think I’m on to something here!

The Cleveland Cavaliers, like they do right now, suck before the all-star break. But as soon as they start the 2nd half of the season, they turn it on and head straight to the NBA Finals.

The Cleveland Indians are the same way! They do alright before the break, but after the all-star game, they turn it on and crank out wins. Granted last year wasn’t a World Series year, but it was still a good run.

So all this means the NFL should move the Pro Bowl, for the sake of The Browns. Yeah I know, it creates a chance at injuries, but who cares. It is a risk that I’m sure The Browns would take. Although knowing the luck of the organization, their best players would just go down and be out the rest of the season.

Featured Image via Packers


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