Dude Accidentally Swiped Left On Girl Named Claudia So He Did The Only Reasonable Thing He Could

A dude accidentally swiped left on a girl from Missouri State named Claudia so he rightfully emailed every girl at the school named Claudia.

Some may say this is weird, and it is a little weird, don’t get me wrong. But you have to respect the move by this dude. Shooters shoot. Here is the email:

This should be a huge confidence booster for dudes everywhere. This guy was so interested in this girl that he went the extra mile just to find out if she was a match. She did take the opportunity to tweet it out that she was the one who he was looking for.

I think the dude deserves a shot with Claudia. I mean this is a 21st century love story. Back in the day people had to call house phones just to get a date (which is terrifying). I hope to one day see a live Twitter video of their wedding, because let’s face it, they’re the internets couple if they get together.


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