My (Current) NBA Top 5

Earlier this week on our podcast, I mentioned my top 5 NBA players right now, I have tweaked it a little but still stand by one thing, Kevin Durant is not on this list. 

Let me start of with PG, even though I hate him, it’s Kyrie Irving.

This shouldn’t even need an explanation. He is hands down the best point guard in the NBA. No one can match his handles, he can drive the lane, and he can just go off on you shooting wise. I would take him so many times over Steph Curry, all Steph does is shoot ridiculously long 3-pointers.

Here is where I changed my mind, I now have Klay Thompson at SG.

Why wouldn’t you want this guy? He is the best 3-point shooter on his team. Don’t agree? Well you’re wrong. If I was the Warriors and I needed a last second 3 to win or tie a game, I want the ball in his hands. He will be an UFA at the end of next season, and I don’t see him staying in GS. Why would he want to? They’ve treated him like garbage since Durant came, and make it seem like they think Draymond is a better player, which is laughable. They will notice a loss from him way more than they would from anyone else on that team.

SF? With no hesitation, LeBron James.

The best player in the world. The best small forward of all time. The second best player of all time. The most dominant force in the NBA. Not to mention he also enjoys a nice Cabernet Sauvignon, as do I.

Here is where the folks I pod with didn’t like what I had to say, but Anthony Davis is my PF.

If there was one player I wish the Cavs could pick up it is this guy. He is a dominant and amazing player. In his last three games he has scored 45 (against Boston), 48, and 36. He also has had almost 20 boards in two of those games. He can also go behind the arc on you and shoot 3’s too.

Lastly, I am a firm believer you still need a big man, and I want Joel Embid.

Joel Embid, when healthy, is the best big man is this league. Just look at last year, he made Philly a playoff team, then when he was out, boom, they were no longer on that level. He is a game changer. He also likes to have fun, and you need that on your team. He might even be the difference maker in making sure LeBron and Kyrie can get along.

There it is folks, my top 5 players in the NBA. You might not agree, but I really don’t give a shit. I’m a big time football follower, so you should obviously listen to my NBA takes. Don’t @ me either because it’s bad enough I’ll have to debate this with Wiley and G.


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