Should you drink water first thing upon rising?

YES! YES! x times INFINITYWater is very important for your health. You’re body is 80% water, so…. looks like you can’t go without it.

Drinking water first thing in the morning has a lot of benefits for your body.

6 reasons to drink water right after RISING:

1. After being sleep for hours, we are slightly dehydrated, so having that H20 first thing in the AM will help wake your body up.
2. Water fires up your metabolism
3. Helps flush out all those toxins in the body, which may cause you to go to the bathroom.
4. Relating to #3, drinking water will wake up your stomach, so you might have to do the #2 right after. If you don’t 💩first thing in the morning, then…. you’re constipated<<<<<<
r gives your brain FUEL!<<<<<<
to purify your colon, allowing nutrients to be absorbed my easily

Hydrate Up!<<<<<<


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