Why Do No Name NBA Players Think They Can Request Where They Go In A Trade?!

It’s at least understandable when Kyrie Irving, an NBA champ, requests where he goes. But then you have guys who have barely made a name in their city requesting where to go?

Nikola Mirotic, aka Bobby Portis’ son, has made it clear he wants out of Chicago. He wants out because of the incident early in the season where Portis essentially beat the shit out of him. Broke his face, literally. I don’t have a problem with a player wanting traded, especially if it is a good move to help things in the locker room. But what makes Nikola Mirotic, 17.4 ppg and 7 rpg, think he has the authority to choose where to go?

Don’t get me wrong, Mirotic would be a nice role player on many teams, but I can’t see anyone giving up more than a future second round pick for him, if that. I personally would maybe think about trading a washing machine for him. Eh, maybe not, you ever not had a washer? It sucks! Then I’d be stuck with dirty clothes and a guy who is a douchebag in the locker room.

Eric Cartman may have more authoritah than Nikola in a situation like this!

Image via Ponder All These Things

Here’s a good rule of thumb for you NBA players wanting a trade and haven’t done anything to earn a choice of where you want to go, just don’t ask for a trade, suck it up and make a name for yourself.

Featured image via Chicago Sun-Times


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