So What If The Raiders Violated The Rooney Rule?

So apparently it is being reported that The Fritz Pollard Alliance wants the NFL to investigate whether the Rooney Rule was violated by the Raiders when they hired new head coach  Jon Gruden. Who cares if they did?

If you’re not familiar, The Rooney Rule was established by the great Dan Rooney to make sure that NFL teams interview at least one minority owner in the process of looking for a coach. It has worked out for people like Vance Joseph, who was interviewed by the Broncos but they instead went with Gary Kubiak. After Kubiak retired, they went back to Joseph as they liked him as well.

Now you’re thinking ‘Yeah Benji, so the Raiders should have had due process in case Gruden is fired!’.

That’s where you are wrong, that man is never leaving the Raiders again until he wants to. Mark Davis is never going to fire Jon Gruden, he could be as terrible as Marvin Lewis and still be employed by that team. Don’t get me wrong I think the Rooney Rule is a great thing, but what’s the point when the team knows who they want?

The Raiders have been chasing Gruden for 6 years now. It was meant to be and eventually going to happen, he’s the only reason Jack Del Rio was fired! So let the Raiders hire who they want to hire! It would be an insult to a minority candidate, because they know that they are there solely to help accommodate the Rooney Rule.

It’s 2018, why don’t we leave BS political correctness in that shitty year 2017.



Featured image via Philly Influencer


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