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Quit Blaming Mark Wahlberg For Michelle Williams Getting Paid 1,000% Less For A Movie Re-shoot

Recently Kevin Spacey was found to be a nasty creep, so Ridley Scott recast his role in ‘All The Money In The World’ and had to re-shoot the scenes. 

Enter Christopher Plummer, who was tapped to replace Spacey, in turn causing film scenes needing to be re-done. So at the end of 2017 they all got together to re-shoot. However, it is now coming out that Wahlberg got paid $1.5 million to do it, Williams was paid $1,000.

So of course all the SJW (social justice warriors for those who don’t know) are jumping all over this shit! “Equality!”, “Wage gap!”, “Disparity!” etc. etc. You all have seen it before, they all climb on there white Prius (because it’s offensive to climb on the high horse, I assume) and prepare for the rally and protest! There is only one big problem here folks. Williams said they could keep her salary.


In fact so did Rideley Scott, the director, and everyone else besides the crew on set, Wahlberg and Plummer.

Guess why Wahlberg got paid? Because he told them he was going to get paid. One of the biggest actors in Hollywood feels his time was worth $1.5 mil, so he got that. I don’t blame him either! Ya boy is great in everything he is in and probably helps make this film great too!

Now back to Williams, you really think that if she requested $1.5 mil she wouldn’t have gotten it? She for sure would’ve! She is an accomplished actress with a great resume, and oh yeah, they kinda fucking needed her for the movie! What were they going to do? Re-cast her and pay another actress even more money to play her part? No. She could’ve had the studio by balls if she wanted, and it’s not Mark Wahlbergs fault that she didn’t take advantage of that.

Take this blog as you will, call me sexist if you want to, I don’t care. Because I know I’m not. You can even @ me if you want the twitter handle is beertalkbenji. I am just making sure it is clear that if you want to blame someone for Michelle Williams not getting that money, blame her, because the ball was in her back yard, she just decided to throw it back over the fence for pretty much nothing.



Featured image via CNBC


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