The British Think The NFL Is Boring? GTFO.

The country that loves the sport of soccer thinks the NFL is boring? What a bunch of idiots!

Below is the survey results that I find extremely laughable.

Chart via YouGov

Cricket, Snooker (basically pool), and Gymnastics, just a few of the sports that are apparently more exciting than Football. This is a joke right? Like this can’t be real. Who the fuck would think Football is the second most boring sport to watch?

This is why you lost the war. You little pansy ass, fucked up teeth, tea drinking, losers! You would seriously rather sit around watching soccer? Not football as you call it, soccer. I can understand basketball, horse racing, even, because the gambling, but soccer being ranked more exciting is just stupid!

The worse part about this is that NFL will still keep sending games over there! They had 4 games across the pond this past season, wouldn’t be surprised if they make it 8 next year! For what? So they can sit around and watch a game that they apparently don’t appreciate? No man fuck that, let them have their little kickball game and their lame ass version of baseball. While I’m at it, there called french fries, not chips, you gap tooth inbred creeps.

P.S.- America is #1



Featured image via imgur


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