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That’s A Bad Look For H&M

H&M is apparently some online clothing retailer. I know what you’re all thinking, “Wiley, you should know what H&M is because you are so stylish!” 

Look here’s the deal, H&M messed up. They made a boneheaded decision to put a black kid in a hoodie that reads “coolest monkey in the jungle.” Not good, it looks incredibly bad, buuuuut the outrage, although expected, we live in a time where anything said by anyone is twisted to be the worst possible, is a little immature. Look, I know why people are outraged, especially black people, but it’s nonsense.

We are now in 2018 and everything is blown out of proportion, literally everything. Had this been a white kid in the shirt I still would have no idea H&M even existed. It’s time we leave these old stereotypes in the past. Nobody, besides racist losers think of black people when someone says monkey. Why is this that people feel the need to be outraged by this? It is because they have to be outraged about something.

I have said it before and i will say it again, we are in the second era of good feeling. Things in our country and the world for that matter are really good right now. The media wants you to believe otherwise, but they are wrong, look at the numbers. Since everything is good we have to find something to be mad about all the time. North and South Korea are working on their relationship for God’s sake! So, since we have nothing going on people have to have faux rage. Seriously people grow up, I thought we were leaving this crap in 2017.




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