Congratulations Bama, You’re #2!

Last night Alabama defeated Georgia to become the official 2nd place team in all of college football.

‘Benji, 2nd place? What do you mean? They won the National Championship!’

You aren’t wrong, but UCF is the true National Championship, they beat Auburn, who beat Bama and Georgia, so in turn, they are the true champion.

Now that I have your attention, this game to me wasn’t worth watching, it wasn’t worth the $3,000 nose bleed ticket you could’ve bought last night. It celebrated a broken playoff system that won’t be fixed for at least 8 years, and that’s sad.

People probably think that I’m on the OSU should’ve been in there train, incorrect. I am on the UCF should’ve been in there train. I think if an FBS team goes undefeated they should have a shot at the playoff. Sure they play in the American Athletic Conference, but they also beat an SEC powerhouse. I’m quite positive they could’ve beat plenty of other Power 5 conference schools too.

Do I think UCF could’ve beaten the teams that were in the top 4? I’m honestly not sure. But they deserved the chance to see if they could. People will argue that one of their big wins was over a 3-7 UCONN team, yeah okay, Bama beat an FCS team in Mercer! So enough of the shit that UCF isn’t a Power 5 and doesn’t play tough teams.

So in the end I am one of the fine folks that is saying what should be true, the UCF Kinights are the 2017 National Champions. They have there banner, they had there parade, hell I hope they even get a trophy made! But don’t worry Bama, I took the time to find you guys a trophy too!

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