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Olympus Has Fallen! I Repeat! Olympus Has Fallen

The unimaginable has happened. Tom Brady has had enough. So it has been reported today that Tom Brady has “had enough with Belichick’s negativity and cynicism.” Also, the rift has a little to do with the beloved TB12 Method. Looks like Bill needs to drink more water. Now, before I dive too deep into this rumor, I just want to say that I’m almost certain this is probably just the media misconstruing something someone said. But, if true, this could be HUGE news in the football world!

The Patriots have been on top for Tom Brady’s while career. That’s no secret. Brady and Belichick have more rings than most teams. People throw the acronym GOAT around with their names all the time. This could ultimately cause a major shake up of the AFC if this rift leads to anything more.

It’s hard to imagine the New England Patriots and not automatically think Tom Brady. I’m not saying there will be a split up between Brady and Belichick but the rumors make it seem likely.

With all this being said, it would be shocking to see a split up, but you never know.

Featured image via ESPN


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