After Saturday, I Think I’m Going To Be Rich

The Powerball is currently at $550 million and the Mega Millions is currently $445 million, and I like my chances this week. 

So if you take the cash option of the Powerball, $348 million, and the cash option of the Mega Millions, $277 million, you have the chance to wake up on Sunday morning being $625 million richer. Folks, this is my week. I can just feel it. I am going to hit both of these jackpots, and it’s gonna be great!

So now what you’re thinking is “Benji, what would you do if you won?”, my response would be “you mean WHEN I win, well let me tell you.”

The first thing I’m doing? I’m not paying off my house or my truck, I’m not paying off my debts, shit, I’m not even giving money to my parents. I’m buying a motherfucking Rolls Royce. Why? Because I’m rich now! You best believe I will blast ‘Rolls Royce Bitch’ by 2 Chainz too. It will be the Rolls Royce Phantom pictured below too. I want people to know I have money, and a Rolls Royce is the biggest “fuck you I have money” car you can buy in my opinion.


Image via Car and Driver

Once I get my Rolls Royce ordered, I’ll then do the smart thing, pay off the mortgage, pay off the truck, pay off the credit cards. Then I’ll give the fam some, you know share the wealth. But then it’s time for the next big purchase, an RV.

Image result for 2018 NEWMAR LONDON AIRE 4531

Image via Midway RV Center

This is the 2018 Newmar London Aire 4531. It runs around $700,000 brand new. I will have no problem at all dropping coin on this, Wiley and I will get to take Beer Talk on the road and blow all my money in it. Honestly, I might just live in it, that’s how luxurious this thing is. Do I feel bad that Wiley has to sleep on a pull out couch? No, because I’m the one who won the lottery.

The third and last thing I’ll tell you about, is how I will throw so much money in the ring to make this company succeed. We will have an office, employees who write better blogs than us, and also who can edit better than me. We will be taking over the universe folks. We will have season tickets to the Cavs, and we will hit as many baseball and NFL games as we possibly can. We will be the best in the business.

With all that folks I have to remind you of something Wiley and I have said since day 1, I will definitely forget all the little people when I’m super rich.



Featured Image via Forget Me Not



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