Cincinnati Bengals, Worst Front Office In The NFL?

With the news of Marvin Lewis coming back on a two year deal, it’s official, the Cincinnati front office is the worst in the NFL. 

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Benji, the Browns have to be the worse in the league’. Nope. It’s the Bengals. This man has a record that’s just above .500 and has never won a playoff game! Yeah sure he’s made to the postseason 7 times in 15 years, but he’s still 0-7!

Yeah an argument can be made for Hue Jackson and his 1-31 record with the Browns in two seasons, but that’s no where near the meritocracy of keeping a guy who has proved his time is up. (Side note, ya’ll get mad when the Browns don’t give a guy a chance, maybe let Hue have one more year) Marvin hasn’t had a good team since Jay Gruden made Andy Dalton look like a decent QB.

About the only thing that Marvin has been able to do recently is find ways to beat the Baltimore Ravens, but when you are playing hard nosed AFC North football you can expect that. He can’t beat the Steelers (by far best team in the AFC North) when it matters. In fact the man was even somehow named Coach of The Year in 2009, and guess what he did, lost in the wildcard to the Jets.

My hats off to you Bengals fans, I think it might actually worse to be a Bengals fan than a Browns fan, at least Browns fans get to have the thought that next year might be their year. Cincinnati fans already know their fate, either a losing season or a loss in the wildcard round of the playoffs. But not all is bad! I have added a video below of Chad Johnson highlights so you can remember some fun times!




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