New Years Day AKA The Best Day Of The Year

I love New Years Day! It’s by far the greatest day of the year and coincidentally the first day of the year. Who would’ve guessed?

I have many reasons why this is the best day of the year. For me it’s not even a question. Sure, Christmas and my birthday rival today for the best day of the year, but to me today takes the cake.

This is one of the few days a year where nobody, and I mean nobody, has any responsibilities. You don’t have to even put on pants ore leave your house. You just make sure you have a pork roast, or loin, some sour kraut and potatoes and just CHILL!

Usually everyone has a hangover on this day so it plays perfectly into the no responsibilities part of the argument. Nothing beats just being a lazy slob and hogging out on food all day when you’re hungover. If you’re like me and start your diet on January 2nd today is the ultimate stuff your face day.

Now, this one here is great. FOOTBALL ALL DAY LONG BABY! Not only is there fooseball all day, but there is good, maybe even great football all day. The best bowl games fall on this day and it’s awesome.

Before I sign off on this one I want to say to all those losers who say, “What is a year?” “Why do we care about the start of a new year?” “Years are just an agreed upon stupid time thing!” Shut up! A year is a year. 365 days. Quit being a conformist loser and just accept it. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself.

In 2018 let’s make it the greatest year in the history of history! Have a great new year and don’t do anything today!


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