The CFL Just Gained A New Fan (Potentially)

As it was reported yesterday, Johnny Manziel is allowed to join the CFL for the 2018 season. Folks, I don’t think you realize how great this is. Johnny Football was hands down the most ELECTRIC college football player of all time! If you say you didn’t enjoy watching him play in college you’re either lying, or an idiot. Yeah, he was the cockiest guy out there, but who the fuck cares when you can back it up!

The man beat Alabama, won the Heisman as a freshman (first to ever do it), and should’ve won the next year! Maybe his stint with the Browns wasn’t as great as it could’ve been, but it’s the damn Browns! Imagine if he was running that Chip Kelly offense. Straight to the Super Bowl!

Now I’m not sure if or when he will join a CFL team but I will be that teams newest fan. I will buy a jersey. I will buy into the hype again. Even if new Johnny wants to leave that life behind I won’t. I’m Johnny Football till I die.




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