Reviewing “The Land” Alternate Jerseys

If you haven’t seen the new unis yet here is a look and my thoughts on them.Overall, these jerseys are a nice change up from the norm. Something we all know is that the NBA hasn’t usually switched up from the norm, but with the now Nike sponsored uniforms they have flipped the switch.

The new uniforms do not pop like I expected them to. When I heard about the city jerseys I had high expectations. These did not meet the expectations.

Color scheme: the gray is just plain. Nothing too fancy, but modest. I would’ve liked to see them go with a navy color scheme like old times. But maybe Nike wanted to create their own alternate colors for the Cavs. I like the yellow trim, but if the outline was navy blue it would be much better. It adds a nice sleek look to the uniforms and draws in the eye to the detail. So the color scheme gets a C-

The Land: I really like this part of the jersey. We have almost adopted “The Land” as a team name and it’s nice to see it incorporated on a uniform. A-

The Shorts: I love the shorts! I like the homage paid to Ohio on the front. It seems like sometimes there isn’t enough emphasis on the fact that the Cavs are from Ohio. Once again the trim would be better with a navy blue and yellow scheme but this works. Overall the shorts get a B

Overall: the uniforms definitely have room for improvement, but still are a nice change up from the norm. I think a different color scheme would’ve been more of a hit. The players seem to like them. LeBron made comments on how much he liked them. So, the overall score of these unis for me is a B

I like the uniforms and look forward to seeing them in action on the court!


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