James Harrison, The Patriot

As you already know, James Harrison signed with the New England Patriots, but how did we get to this point?

The Steelers waived James Harrison, franchise sack leader, on December 23rd. The only reason given was to make room for Marcus Gilbert, the offensive tackle coming back from suspension. If that’s the sole reason why, then Kevin Colbert (GM) and the rest of the front office are a bunch of IDIOTS!

Go ahead, make the argument that Harrison hasn’t done much this year, you’re right, because they haven’t played him. I get it, TJ Watt was even better than we thought he would be, which is great for us and the future, but we are also lacking in the LB department.

I honestly don’t know how this happens under a defense ran by Keith Butler, a protege of Dick LeBeau, and linebackers coach Joey Porter, one of the best in franchise history and friend of Harrison. The amount of disrespect the pass rusher was shown this season was on another level. I get it they wanted to have him in prime shape for the playoffs, but you don’t have to worry about his conditioning.

Harrison has been very vocal about his role with the Steelers this year, and I’m sure Kevin Colbert was not a fan, I mean he already spent the off-season being ridiculed for not giving Le’veon Bell his deal. So of course he would want more bad press by releasing one of the most beloved players on the team.

The unfortunate thing? That James signed with New England just to lose to the Steelers in the playoffs. But I hope Steelers fans don’t blame James for going there. I am sure the Steelers thought they could just re-sign him and treat him like a second rate whore, they were wrong. Also to those who think he is gonna give the Patriots all the secrets, quit fooling yourself, you know better than that. This was all done by Belichick to get a rise out of the Steelers and their fanbase.

Completely unrelated I am officially on the Mike Tomlin needs fired boat, along with Todd Haley, who should’ve been gone a long time ago. These two have now gotten the best QB in franchise history ready to hang em up because they can’t coach or discipline their team.


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