Hue Jackson Sucks

Hue Jackson may be the longest tenured, worst head coach ever. No, scratch that he is the worst head coach of all time! How this man has made it through two full seasons is shocking. The terrible play calling, the indecisiveness, and the decisiveness when making the wrong decision are all examples of why this man should’ve been fired weeks ago. His record is also 1-30 in the last two seasons.

Now, I’m only a casual Browns fan, but they’re an Ohio team and I love Ohio. So every week I find myself cheering for the Browns and end up being disappointed every week. I can only imagine how real, diehard fans feel.

If I see a Browns game on I tune in no matter what. Every time I tune in I know it’s gonna be entertaining. I know I’m gonna see Hue go crazy on the sidelines and throw his headset at least once. I know I’m gonna see Hue challenge a play that anyone with at least decent eyesight can see shouldn’t be challenged. Last but not least, this ones my favorite, the camera will show Hue at the very moment when he realizes he’s about to lose another game and he just stares blankly out at the field. Below is the blank stare.

There’s only one thing to do here, Browns. Fire this man. He’s lost 30 of his last 31 games. It’s time to make the Hue Jackson Rule, if you lose more than 30 games in two seasons you get fired. Yes, I already counted the game for this week against the Steelers as a loss. You did too.

This parts for you Hue, if you don’t get fired just quit. Thanks. Please give us just one more of those stupid challenges and looks this week as well.


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