Rocket, Or Giant Sperm Cell?

Hey Elon Musk, why did you shoot a giant sperm cell into the sky?

Here is the picture captured of the SpaceX rocket flying over LA Friday night.

Image result for spacex

Here is a picture of a sperm cell.

Image result

I already think Elon is just a weird dude in general. He doesn’t seem to care that his electric cars are worse for the environment than a regular car, and he wants to create an underground hyper loop, disaster waiting to happen. But now hes just shooting giant sperm cells into the sky and making people think aliens are invading.

People are so big on this guy and I think hes just a joke. He’s gonna lose everything when that first rocket takes off with people on it to Mars and blows up too. I also think he is an alien. I honestly won’t be surprised when this guy has a sexual misconduct allegation come out just because he looks like the creeper type, you know like the kinda guy who has a collection of pictures of feet in his basement.



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