Fitness Blog: Are Supplements Required for GYM LIFE?

My answer is No! I don’t require people to buy supplement products, because most of the time they don’t work!

You can easily get all the mineral,
protein and nutrients needed without supplements.

I haven’t taken supplements in months, however I am still killing the GYM!
There are many ways to get your pre workout or post workout shakes for the Gym.

Pre Workout Options:
1. Bananas
2. Rice Cake with PB
3. Oats
4. Mixed Nuts & Dried Fruit
5. Celery & PB

Post Workout Options:
1. Post Workout Shake
– bananas
– peanut butter
– almonds
– almond milk
2. PB & J Sandwich
3. Yogurt
4. Protein Pancakes
5. Apples with PB

Buying supplements, is hard for most (ME)) , so I am here to provide other options. You don’t need to be spending tons of money on supplements. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR FOOD.


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