You Got Played By Floyd Mayweather….. Again

Earlier this month American boxer hinted that he could don mixed martial arts gloves for the UFC, and make a billion dollars.

Days later, UFC president Dana White confirmed ongoing talks with Mayweather regarding “a UFC deal,” adding “it’s real.”

But Mayweather – who retired unbeaten after 50 professional bouts in boxing – has now claimed that it’s not going to happen.

Big surprise here. You mean Floyd isn’t going to fight in the UFC? This is so shocking! But he said he would!

Nobody should be surprised by this. If you are surprised by this, you live in a fantasy world. Floyd likes to do this thing where he does something just to get his name on everybody’s social media timeline for a week.

He does this once or twice a month and every time people believe his nonsense. He does this because if people are talking about him, he’s making mula! $$$$$$ He didn’t even believe for a second that he would ever fight in the octagon, he probably won’t ever even step in an octagon. That’s not who he is. You will never see him fight again. Well you’ll never see him fight again unless his next girlfriend helps herself to his money room like the last one.

You people who fell for this charade are sheep. It wasn’t the first time you’ve been fooled by Floyd and it definitely won’t be the last if he fooled you with this malarkey.

These are candid photos of Floyd laughing at you for believing him.


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