3 Beers You Should Try This Weekend (12/22/17)

‘Tis the season to be wasted! Here we are folks, Christmas is just 3 days away and as we all know, it’s the perfect time to do some day drinking! So how about I give ya 3 you should try?3. Sierra Nevada, Celebration IPA, ABV-7%

Right here is a Christmas time staple. If you make it through the season without drinking this beer, you are not a beer guy. You can only get this malty beer at Christmas time and I won’t lie that makes me sad. I think if you see it in the store then you should for sure stock up on it so you can enjoy it into the New Year, or just drink it at Christmas time enjoy the nostalgia once a year! This beer gets a 4.4 mugs out of 5 for me.

2. Anchor Brewing, Christmas Ale, ABV-6.7%

Christmas Ale Bottleshot

Since 1975 this has been THE Christmas beer. Each year it’s a different recipe and that’s part of the fun! This year is a “strong malt profile with wintry spices”. Folks this is the one that beer guys wait for every year. The people at Anchor make sure that they put out the best possible beer each year, they also are good at getting you hooked on the taste just for it to be gone in January! This one gets a 4.5 mugs out of 5.

1. Budweiser, ABV-5%

Image result for budweiser christmas

I couldn’t imagine not drinking myself an ice cold Budweiser on Christmas day. This has to be the absolute best beer for the Christmas season, and to make it even better, they let you buy it the rest of the year too! If you aren’t drinking Budweiser this holiday season, I’ve gotta ask, what happened to you? What event in life made you not want to drink this bottle of happiness on one of the happiest days of year? Folks I’m gonna go out on a limb and say it’s the best beer on the market year round. It gets a 5 out of 5 on the mug scale!



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